Friday, May 10, 2013

Always. Be. A. Happy. Girl.

I wonder why you did love me? Why you choose me over the 1 million girls that more prettier than me. Why? Nahhh, I feel so lucky to have you in my life.

I feel like want to jump jump and jump whenever I think bout all of those sweet moments that we've been through, cause I feel like I'd been appreciated by you. Thanks.

I feel like want to cry.... I get jealous. Because I'm so scared of losing you. Over thinking somehow kills me, I'm afraid if you'd find someone that prettier, cutie, smart, perfect more than me. Ohh no enough!

I feel I'm over you cause I always have that one feeling that couldn't be describe by words. I guess your ex still love you, and how can I accept those shits babe? Tell me how. Emm longsigh

I smile for no reason. And if I can tell the reason is, its because of you.. That always makes me feels so special, treat me like a princess, and whatsoever etc etc. And how I can say no to love you baby? 


I always pray and give a hope that you would be the last for me. I want you to be in law to my parents, a daddy to my children and ofcourse a good husband for me. In shaa Allah. All I need is you. You complete my life, you'd accept my imperfections, you gave me everything. 

Iloveyou, MS ♥

Your sunshine.

|Dua tiga hamster berlari, lain kali aku post lagi|

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