Monday, November 22, 2010

compassion ♥

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when the first time i see you..
my heart saids that,that grl is the one..
the one that i will married someday..
the feeling just came to me suddenly..
at the first time i..
i saw..
i saw you..
your eyes was the antidote of my darkness and sadness..
your eyes glows in the time i need something to help me go trough this challenge..
when i saw you smiling in front of me,i know that this is the angel from heaven..
the angel for me to live to..
when i see your lovely smooth shining hair..
i know that will be the tread of my destiny with you..
my happily ever after life..
when i see your lips,i feel like wanna kiss you..
cause its so beautiful to be a normal person for me..
i know you are the one and only..
thats perfect from the top to the end..
nothing are more perfect then you..

aww ! terharu gilaaaa ada org bagi ayat mcm nii at aku :)

p/s : identiti org yg dedicate nii di rahsiakan . aku saja yg tahu :)

|Dua tiga hamster berlari, lain kali aku post lagi|

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